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1. Period and Venue

  • Period: April 17 (Mon) – April 21, 2017 (Fri)
  • Venue: Rainbow Sakurajima (Sakurajima, Kagoshima)

2. Outline

ACV will hold the 3rd training camp to encourage learning and exchanges between Asian volcanologists. This training camp focuses on the interpretation of volcanic observation data in many fields, i.e., geophysics, geochemistry, geology, petrology, etc. Both lecturers and young scientists will share data from active volcanoes and make exercises and discussions to reveal volcanic activity. The contents will be the level for Master, Doctor students. We expect participants from Asian (Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan) and other countries.

3. Contents

The training course includes the following topics and each slot contains both lectures and exercises, plus field observations around Sakurajima volcano. There will be also half a day where the participants will share a dataset or problem they are working in poster format.

4. Participation

ACV will call for the participation on the Web to the public, but the nomination from ACV member organization is requested. At this moment, the number of students will be about 10 – 20, and ACV will support the travel and accommodation fee for selected participants. Financial support from ACV member organizations is appreciated.

5. Schedule

# Apr. 16 (Sun) Arrival

# Apr. 17 (Mon)

    • Introduction
      • Briefing
      • Sakurajima volcano
    • Lectures & mini Field trip

# Apr. 18 (Tue)

    • Geology, Petrology & Geochemistry
      • General lectures
      • Exercise & Posters

# Apr. 19 (Wed)

    • Geophysical studies
      • Seismology, geodesy, etc. lectures
      • Exercise & Posters

# Apr. 20 (Thr)

    • Hazard & Risk management
      • Volcanic ash hazard & risk management lectures, etc.
      • Exercise & Posters

# Apr. 21 (Fri) Field trip around Sakurajima

# Apr. 22 (Sat) Daparture

6. Presenters

  • Introduction
    • Masato Iguchi (SVO, Kyoto Univ.)
    • Keigo Yamamoto (SVO, Kyoto Univ.)
    • Takeshi Tameguri (SVO, Kyoto Univ.)
    • Tetsuo Kobayashi (Kagoshima Univ.)
  • Geology, Petrology & Geochemistry
    • Caroline Bouvet de Maisonneuve (EOS)
    • Fidel Costa (EOS)
    • Hirochika Sumino (Univ. Tokyo)
    • Takahiro Miwa (NIED)
  • Geophysical studies
    • Yosuke Aoki (ERI, Univ. Tokyo)
    • Kohei Hotta (SVO, Kyoto Univ.)
  • Hazard & Risk management
    • Sungsu Lee (VDPRC)
    • Masayuki Maki (Kagoshima Univ.)
    • Susanna Jenkins (EOS)
  • Field trip
    • Haruhisa Nakamichi (SVO, Kyoto Univ.)
    • Daisuke Miki (SVO, Kyoto Univ.)
    • Kohei Hotta (SVO, Kyoto Univ.)

Lecture Materials

(For members only)

  • 1. Introduction (by M. Iguchi)
  • 1. Introduction (by E. Fujita)
  • 2. Physical Volcanology & Petrology (by C. B. de Maisonneuve)
  • 2. Texture of eruptive product (by T. Miwa)
  • 2. Monitoring volcanic activity via helium isotopes (by H. Sumino)
  • 3. Theory and observation of dike propagation (by Y. Aoki)
  • 4. Weather radar observations of volcanic eruption (by M. Maki)
  • 4. Volcanic hazard modelling (by S. Jenkins)


(For members only)

  • Chalotte Barrington
  • Lloyd Singura
  • Marcus Phua
  • Maria Concepcion L. Barairo
  • Marie Thess Quilalang
  • Masataka Kawaguchi
  • Mohammad Hasib
  • Natsuki Ono
  • Olivier Bernard
  • Pan Bo, Feixiang wei
  • Reza Firmansyah Hasibuan
  • Sri Budhi Utami