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  • Update; Usuzan No15, 15usu_1m02, Iwatesan No27, 27iwate_2h02, Chokaisan No29, 29chokai_2h01, Miyakejima No.62, 62miyake_1h04. 27 Sep. 2016
  • Update; Asama No147, 45asama_1h01. 17 Sep. 2015
  • We have changed the URL of Tokachidake No.10, Kamifurano town in the list of local disaster plans. 5 Nov. 2014
  • We have redesigned our website. Added new data, i.e. 56 maps and 27 materials, volcanic disaster prevention plans, emergency sabo plans for mitigating volcanic eruption disasters, KML Network Link. 19 Jul. 2013
  • “Volcanic Hazard Maps in Japan, Second Edition (with DVD-ROMs)” is published as the Technical note No. 380 of the National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention, Japan. 19 Jul. 2013
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Sakurajima and the innermost part of Kagoshima Bay (taken by Minami-Nippon Shimbun on 22 April 2013)